Ghaal gibt auf

Gegenüber dem Rock Hard und Blabbermouth.net hat GOD SEED-Sänger Gaahl (Ex-Gorgoroth) verlauten lassen, dass er sich vom Black Metal verabschieden will. Das Statement:

It has been rumored that Gaahl and King have disbanded GOD SEED. However, this is not the case. Gaahl has chosen to retire from metal music. It should not be assumed that this decision has anything to do with Gaahl and King’s working relationship. Gaahl has made this decision for his own personal artistic reasons.

King ergänzt:

There is no drama and there is no bad blood between us; Gaahl just wants a break from metal. GOD SEED will be frozen and I’m prepared to pick it up again when the time is right. Meanwhile, I will focus on other musical projects.

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