Anna Murphy (Eluveitie) wird Mitglied bei Nucleus Torn

Wie Prophecy Productions auf ihrem Facebook Account bekannt geben, ist Anna von Eluvetie in Zukunft auch festes Mitglied bei Nucleus Torn.

In the run-up to the release of their fourth album, “Golden Age", the Swiss Avantgarde/Progressive ensemble Nucleus Torn announces the first line-up change since the recordings of its debut album “Nihil” (2006). Anna Murphy, designated hurdy-gurdy player and singer of Folk Metal band Eluveitie, joins Nucleus Torn as a permanent member.

Mastermind Fredy Schnyder describes his first contact with Anna and how she found her way to Nucleus Torn: “In January 2009, I recorded hammered dulcimer for Eluveitie’s ‘Evocation I’ album. Since I played on two instrumental tracks, I hadn’t heard any songs with vocals. However, the moment Chrigel presented me some of them, I knew that I wanted to work with Anna, whose vocal talents I’d been completely unaware of. Her contributions for ‘Golden Age’ in the following months and years surpassed all one could expect of such a collaboration. Hence, Anna did not only join us as a guest musician, she immediately became a key member of Nucleus Torn and will remain so in coming years.”

Also Anna is delighted about her new field of activity and looks hopefully into the future: “It is a great pleasure and also an honour for me to be a part of Nucleus Torn and I’m already looking forward to our next musical experiments!”

Hier noch ein Teaser zum kommenden Nucleus Torn Album “Golden Age":

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