Edge of Sanity wieder (ein bisschen) aktiv

Mit der Wiederveröffentlichung des “Kur-Nu-Gi-A” Demos von 1990 beginnt Dan Swanö die Leiche von Edge zu fleddern. Das Demo wird (wie immer) via Black Mark veröffentlicht und soll den Anfang einer Post-Mortem Serie markieren.

Zitat Swanö:

This demo showcase[s] the original sound of Edge of Sanity. During this period we still listened a lot to progressive and challenging metal of all kinds and I still believe the songs have their own true version on this tape.

“I transferred the original 4 track cassette masters, using state of the art digital technology, and remixed them and finally gave them the sound I dream t of giving them 21 years ago.

“The dream of having this classic recording released on a 12″ picture disc have come true.

“While digging in the vaults, I found a lot more interesting stuff, so expect more ‘post mortem’ releases from Edge Of Sanity. You can’t live forever - but can you be dead forever??

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