Borknagar Video zum kommenden Album

Am 22. Januar veröffentlichen Borknagar ihr zehntes Album “Winter Thrice” über Century Media. Vorab zeigen sie sich in einem Video:

Mitwirken tut dabei auch der frühere Ulver Mastermind Kristoffer Rygg. Das Band-Statement zum Video:

“Finally it’s time to present our brand new video for the song “Winter Thrice”. Being the title track for the 10th album, we wanted this to be something special. We are indeed a special band. The song and the video features all the 4 vocalists throughout our 20 years of adventure, including Kristoffer Rygg a.k.a. Garm, who was our very first vocalist back in the days. The video was produced by the eminent team from Twitchy Films and was captured at various locations in Norway; first and foremost at the amazing Midgard Historiske Senter at Borre, but also in the furious wilderness of the wintry Telemark. We all laid our hearts into this project, we hope that shines through! Enjoy and happy holidays!”

Folgende Titel sind im Album enthalten:
1. The Rhymes Of The Mountain
2. Winter Thrice
3. Cold Runs The River
4. Panorama
5. When Chaos Calls
6. Erodent
7. Noctilucent
8. Terminus

Quelle: Century Media

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