Algerian Metal

Highway to Lelahell ist eine 52 minütige Dokumentation über die Karriere von Redouane Aouameur, welcher die algerische Metal Szene massgeblich geprägt hat.

This movie talks about his career, enriched for 23 years, which blends with the history of Metal in Algeria, from the Black Decade until today. Metalhead to his fingertips, totally committed to the music and especially for the dissemination and presentation of this musical style, far from clichés and prejudices, Redouane Aouameur will confide his diverse experiences in the Metal. Singer, bassist and above all guitarist today, he will talk about himself and evoke the bands in which he was one of the founding members, Neanderthalia, Carnavage, Devast, and of course the legendary adventure of the band Litham, without forgetting Lelahell in which he’s the front man today.

Unseen footage, exclusive excerpts from concerts and testimonies from the former members of the bands and actors of the Algerian Metal scene, will brighten up the story of Redouane Aouameur.

“Highway to Lelahell” ist eine tolle Chance, die algerische Metal Szene kennen zu lernen.

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