01.05.2020 - Violent Noise Infliction - Thorybos / Hadopelagyal / Necromancer - Schwermetall

01.05.2020 - Violent Noise Infliction - Thorybos / Hadopelagyal / Necromancer

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Sol Records
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01.05.2020 - Violent Noise Infliction - Thorybos / Hadopelagyal / Necromancer

Beitrag von Sol Records » 22.01.2020, 23:01

We disgustedly present this desecration of saliva and black venom. A night to piss into your comfort zone:


THORYBOS - This will mark the band's first of their rare notorious and violent live desecrations in nearly 4 years, for the first time including songs from their filthy 2019 abomination "The Foul and the Flagrant". Bestial bareknuckle blasphemy, presented with subversive abhorrence, ruthless aggression and an excessive no-bullshit attitude.
HADOPELAGYAL - This utterly possessed two-piece will turn the stage into pure darkness. A sinister vortex of destructive mania and depraved obscurity, as showcased on their suffocating "XXXVI XXXI N XXV XXVIII O" demo.
NECROMANCER - The band's 2019 "Awakening of the Evil Forces" debut demo displayed genuinely ill-spirited filthy old school Black/Thrash. Expect nothing but raw hellhammer-ish devotion.

This live ritual will accompany the release of the limited THORYBOS "The Foul and the Flagrant" 10" vinyl. More, exclusive merchandise planned. Watch out for the Sol Records / Deviant Records / Bleak Bone Mortualia merchandise stand: https://www.solrecords.de/order/information

Friday, 1st of May 2020
Lange Str. 14, 17489 Greifswald
venue: 8 pm


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