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Beitrag von Gorath » 12.12.2007, 15:34

Blackened Pagan Metallers THEUDHO inked a deal with the German label DET GERMANSKE FOLKET, the home of such acts as ANGANTYR, HEL, RIGER, MYRKGRAV, DANTALION, ...

DET GERMANSKE FOLKET will release the third full length album of THEUDHO in the spring of 2008 as well as re-release the bands first two albums that were originally released on the Belgian label NEPHEREX, 'Treachery' (2004) and 'The Völsunga Saga' (2006).

Currently THEUDHO is recording eleven new tracks. The new THEUDHO-material is described as being more dynamic, varied and melodic than the previous albums while retaining the aggression of the earlier work. The lyrics mainly focus on the historical backgrounds of continental Germanic heathenism.

Raf (AHRÁYEPH, ex-ANCIENT RITES) will mix and master the album early 2008. Cover art and elaborate booklet illustrations will once again be provided by KRIS VERWIMP, famous for his outstanding work with ABSU, MARDUK, MÅNEGARM, ...

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