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Murw - 'Kanker' cd edition is available! The long awaited debut of one of The Netherlands' best kept secrets is here - a truly stunning and groundbreaking album of progressive death/doom metal. Extraordinary, unconventional and creative songwriting. Lp edition is scheduled for march/april; we are currently preparing artwork and audio for this format.

Preview listening:

Final touches on the audiomaster and layout for the lp release are being done, hope to submit the masters to the factory next week.

Fanzine reviews:

9,5 / 10 Don't count on it reviews: "It's quite the abstract little piece and expresses some quite odd and avant-garde tendencies. I was thoroughly impressed."

9,5 / 10 Lady Metal (Ger): "A lot of excitement and truly awe some melancholy that makes my heart beats faster. Simply and only brilliant, yet heavy to digest!"

93 / 100 Zware Metalen (Nld): "Again a very successfull album. They've shown that the bar could be raised even further, and I can say this is one of the best bands from our country."

9 / 10 Stereo Invaders (Ita): "Creativity comes out of this misanthropic ensemble in all its dark splendor. The depth of the sound created will tear, and tears will leave you shocked. Great test of a great and unpredictable band, the hope I had in them became complete confidence!"

9 / 10 Hateful Metal (Ger): "A very impressive work. Multifaceted and unconventional, yet never too twisted. Recommended to everyone who likes original music, that despite experiments or progressive elements, is still dark and traditional."

9 / 10 Stormbringer (Aut): "Every track is a diverse and melancholic play of music. Not boring for a second!"

9 / 10 Pest webzine: "Utterly rich in variety and expressing high intolerance against observing stylistic borders. The profound and far-reaching riffing is an interesting implementation of avant-garde, progressive, doom and even post-rock elements, with a slight tendency towards 70s psychedelic rock. I consider this release mature and highly advisable. It certainly reflects largely successful experimentation with uncommon and not easily reconcilable schemes within the genre, constituting in an utterly creative and melancholic, dramatic as well as psychedelic album."

8,9 / 10 Vaskarc Zine (Hun)

8,5 / 10 Heavy Metal Tribune: "Kanker sees the band taking more orchestral direction, with elements like an operatic female backing vocals. If one were looking for sorrowful and depressive metal (or an extreme metal version of works of bands like Katatonia), Kanker is definitely worth checking out."

80 / 100 Aardschok magazine: "An adventurous and fascinating album, particulary good because of the unexpected twists!"

8,1 / 10 Metalfan (Nld): "The compositions are intriguing; Kanker is an interesting and thought through work, that will convince many fans of original, innovative black metal."

Forbidden Magazine (USA): "Layers of guitars form an atmosphere that is quite mystical, melancholic and breathtaking. An abundance of musicianship and songwriting finesse make a great impression on ‘Kanker’ and creates a unique album so that fans of well arranged extreme metal will have no qualms when recommending it to friends."

- As expected, the album has also hit the blogspots, so download it and decide for yourself.

- Full track from the album live:

- Sign up for the HHR newsletter:

- The album will also shortly be for sale at our Discogs account:

--> Take note of the special februari offer mentioned on

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Re: Murw

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Aufmachung :?:
Name klingt so komisch wie es holländisch für mein Gehör stets ist.
Musik haut nicht vom Hocker!
Und der Schriftzug mit der Opernmaske :shock: :? :lol:

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