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Noctis Aeternae

Verfasst: 25.02.2022, 11:46
von Sol Records

Song Premiere from the upcoming NOCTIS AETERNAE Debut MCD tonight 6pm at Mão da Glória Youtube Channel:

CD Release soon at Sol Records

Re: Noctis Aeternae

Verfasst: 25.02.2022, 20:17
von Sol Records

Re: Noctis Aeternae

Verfasst: 24.04.2022, 08:08
von Sol Records

Full EP Stream Premiere on Mão da Glória YouTube Channel
of the self titled Debut MCD of NOCTIS AETERNAE
on 24th of April at 6pm gmt+1


CD Available here:

Re: Noctis Aeternae

Verfasst: 13.05.2022, 09:10
von Sol Records
Hier mal ein paar Reviews:

No Clean Singing:
"...they have the atmosphere of an infernal blaze creating a frightening glow high up on pitch-black mountains looming over villages where people huddle in fear..."
Read: ... -aeternae/

Asphyxium Zine:
"...The best way I can describe something like this is walking through an ancient ruins at midnight all alone with nothing to accompany you but fear itself and mystery..."
Read: ... octis.html

Seelenfeuer BM Online Magazin:
"Mit Noctis Aeternae tritt eine weitere spielerisch starke Band aus Deutschland aus der Dunkelheit."
Read: ... cords-2022

CD here: ... s-aeternae